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Report: “Consolidating Consolidation”

Colombia’s “security and development” zones await a civilian handoff, while Washington backs away from the concept by Adam Isacson Senior Associate for Regional Security Policy Washington Office on Latin America, December 2012 Introduction: (Read the full report in PDF format [8MB]) This report is the result of an attempt to answer a question that has [...]

“Yes We Can”: The Rescate las Varas Community Council and the intervention model of the PCNT in Tumaco

By Nancy Sánchez and Yamile Salinas Abdala Undoubtedly, the voluntary eradication of 880 of the 900 registered hectares of coca, investment in road infrastructure, aqueducts, schools, systems rooms, and in food security and productivity projects, could make this case a successful model to represent the national policy of territorial consolidation (PCNT- National Territorial Consolidation Plan) [...]

“Waiting for Consolidation”

We are proud to present “Waiting for Consolidation” (PDF), a 16-page publication compiled from highlights of the reports that we have posted to this site over the past year. In a more portable, printable format, “Waiting for Consolidation” lays out our organizations’ principal findings, concerns and recommendations following our 2011 research visits to Tumaco, Nariño; [...]

“Consolidation,” land restitution, and rising tensions in Montes de María

For nearly 5 years, with U.S. support, Colombia’s Montes de María has been a priority region for the government’s National Territorial Consolidation Plan (PNCT, or “Consolidation”). The PNCT, as we have explained elsewhere, is the successor program to “Plan Colombia.” It is a combined military and civilian “state-building” strategy operating in a few zones that [...]

In La Macarena, a program on “autopilot”

We very much hope that a rethinking of Consolidation, and a big new USAID contract in La Macarena, will address the concerns we voiced about the program’s execution back in 2009. These remain relevant.

In troubled Tumaco, little progress

This is a “first take” on our trip to Tumaco, Nari?o, written by WOLA Senior Associate Adam Isacson. Here, we found the Consolidation strategy barely underway, and the resulting policy closely resembling the “Plan Colombia” of ten years ago — with very negative effects on the population.